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The History Of The Calgary Scottish

The Calgary Scottish Club was originally formed in the beginning of 1999 by players from the Calgary Rams Rugby Club. These players all had attributes in common, (age, speed, etc) and wanted to put together a sevens team that would play together year after year.

Our first goal was to put together a team with considerable speed. In our first year that was our main focus. Anyone playing with the Scots had to be fast.

From starting with 10 in-experienced players the Scottish now have a roster of almost 20 players all ideal sevens players. The Calgary Scottish played for the first time in the Rams Sevens Tournament in Calgary, Alberta. (July 1999) Their record was 1-2 and had a point score of 54 points for 25 against. Offense was and still is the Scottish main focus.

The main goal of The Calgary Scottish is to build a sevens team that will dominate the local and eventually the Alberta rugby scene. By allowing only the fittest or most skilled players the Scottish step everyday closer to that goal. We are a pure sevens club which plays in tournaments all over Alberta and next season into the United States.

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