If It's Not Scottish...It's Crap

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On this page we will show a picture of Riley Babott's sideburn. That's it! Only a picture of his sideburn. Nothing about the curious little creature that is Riley. Just one lousy picture of a sideburn.

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Maybe it's time you thought about where you're going in life. Because if you're still reading this you've got obvious problems. Maybe you should get out of your house.

And if you're still reading this you're just plain wasting space on this Earth. Go do something useful. Stop scanning the internet looking for porn. You sick monkey!

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In a recent interview Sean Connery was recorded saying this about Riley Babott

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A film reel; Actual size=240 pixels wide

God you're still reading this? Get a life!!!! Go away!!!

If you can read this you are a loser.